Welcome to Swindon Caravan Storage
Welcome to Swindon Caravan Storage

Why Choose us?

  • High security 
  • Self service with no restrictions on visiting within opening hours
  • Excellent customer service

You have already read about our high levels of security and how secluded the site is, while still maintiaining ease of access for our customers. We are also available 365 days a year. You have also read about our excellent value for money and central location - but why choose us?


We have a very user friendly security system and we also pride ourselves on excellent customer care as well as maintiaining and building a good relationship with our customers so as to get to know them! We also have CCTV in operation, security lighting and owners living onsite. In addition, a member of staff patrols the site 3-4 times per day to keep vehicles safe. 


Swindon Caravan Storage Near Cricklade, Swindon

Phone: 01666 860241 or                                01666 846575




Please call in advance if you wish to view the site as a new customer or you may wish to book a viewing using the booking system.  We will then contact you with directions on how to find us prior to your visit.


We respectfully ask that you do not exceed 5mph on the drive, as this is a private road which we have to maintain ourselves. Speeds are monitored on CCTV.

Business hours

Opening Times:

8am year round

Closing time

30th October to 26th March 


Click here for a timetable!


Our insurance company will not allow customers to enter the site after dark. 

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