Welcome to Swindon Caravan Storage
Welcome to Swindon Caravan Storage


We operate offer a contract of six months.

Please phone for prices as this will depend on length of vehicle to be stored.

 Payment can be made

by cash, cheque or BACS bank transfer.



Please give us a call for more information!


Swindon Caravan Storage Near Cricklade, Swindon

Phone: 01666 860241


Please call in advance if you wish to view the site as a new customer or you may wish to book a viewing using the booking system.  We will then contact you with directions on how to find us prior to your visit.


We respectfully ask that you do not exceed 5mph on the drive, as this is a private road which we have to maintain ourselves. Speeds are monitored on CCTV.

Business hours

Opening Times:



(2nd April-30th September)




(1st October-1st April)



Our insurance company will not allow customers to enter the site after dark. 

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